How to Book Train Ticket by UTS Station QR Code?

During my latest visit to Mumbai, I went through the process of booking a train ticket by UTS station QR code. If you are new & planning to use the UTS App, today we share the complete process & list of UTS Station QR for Mumbai locals.

UTS Station QR Code Train Booking Process

Follow the quick process of booking train tickets is given below which I have gone through.

  • Download the UTS App,
  • Complete the Registration process,
  • Scan the UTS Station QR code,
  • Select the Destination station name,
  • Now book the ticket,

Above is the quick process, but there are various steps involved for smooth ticket booking from the UTS App. Complete the process described in our last post.

UTS Station QR Code Technology Overview

UTS Station QR Code TechnologyDetails
Used For Booking Train Tickets
Technology TypeQR Code
Service TypeApp Based

In recent years Indian railways have gone through various changeover. Vande Bharat Express, Vandhe Sadharan & UTS Station code are the new aspects of Indian railways.

When I first heard about the UTS Station QR code last year I was fascinated about the usage of the service.

During my December 2023 visit to Mumbai, I have personally used the service & sharing my experience here.

About UTS Station QR Code

It’s a new process & technology adopted by Indian railways, that enables a passenger to book tickets without standing in the long queue.

QR codes of railway stations are installed at the respective stations for passengers’ ease. This technology is part of the Digital India mission of the Indian Government.

Benefits of UTS Station QR Code

Earlier we all used to stand in long queues to purchase tickets. Whether it’s platform or train tickets, waiting at the ticket counter was the only option to book the tickets.

With the technology advancement QR codes are now part of our daily life. So is the UTS station QR code technology evolving rapidly.

Below are the main benefits of the technology;

  • Passengers can purchase tickets instantly with a Mobile App,
  • Paperless tickets to sustainability,
  • The quick booking process,
  • Last Minute app for Ticket booking,

Mumbai Station UTS Station QR Code List

During my visit to Mumbai, I have been there for 15 days & traveled by train. I have visited serval places through the local trains.

Sharing the UTS Station QR code list through which I have been on my visit.

1- Andheri Station QR Code

Andheri Station QR Code

2- Bandra Station QR Code

Bandra Station QR Code

3- Borivali UTS QR Code

Borivali UTS QR Code

4- Dadar UTS QR Code

Dadar UTS QR Code

5- Diva Station QR Code

Diva Station QR Code

6- Kalyan Station QR Code

Kalyan Station QR Code

7- Kurla Station UTS QR Code

Kurla Station UTS QR Code

8- Nerul Station QR Code

Nerul Station QR Code

9- Panvel Station QR Code

Panvel Station QR Code

10- Thane UTS QR Code

Thane UTS QR Code

11-Vashi Station QR Code

Vashi Station QR Code

12- Virar Station QR Code

Virar Station QR Code

During the process of booking a train ticket from the UTS station QR code app, I used the above codes.

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