What is the Difference Between Vande Bharat and Vande Sadharan?

As per the latest reports Indian govt. is planning to launch Vande Sadharan train services in India. So why they are coming with it & what is the difference between Vande Bharat and Vande Sadharan? we will cover today.

Difference Between Vande Bharat and Vande Sadharan

The main difference between the two is Vande Bharat is a high-speed train & Vande Sadharan is a semi-high-speed train.

Let’s explore further.

Recently Indian railways has run the trial test of the Vande Sadharan train. So if you want more details about the train, stay with us.

What is Vande Sadharan Train?

Vande Sadharan Express train route list

It’s different from the main Vande Bharat Express train, so far it’s inspired by the original Vande Bharat Express train itself. Amrit Bharat Express is the other name of the train.

It’s a semi-high-speed express train that will run on the long route of Railways. Most of the trains will run on the long route & gradually all long routes will be covered by the Vande Sadharan Express in India.

Vande Sadharan Express Train Details
Train Name Vande Sadharan Train
Official Name Amrit Bharat Express Train
Train Speed Semi High Speed
Train Type Superfast Express Train
Class Sleeper (SL) & General (GS)

Vande Bharat Vs Vande Sadharan

These two trains are the revolutionary in Indian Railways journey for modern infra & speed. Although the name sounds similar, both trains serve different purposes & have differences as detailed below;

Feature Vande Bharat Vande Sadharan
Speed 160 km/h (99 mph)130 km/h (81 mph)
Facility AC, On Board catering, Automatic DoorNo
Ticket RangeHigh Low
Classes14 Chair car and 2 Executive12 Sleeper and 8 Unreserved
vande Sadharan express vs vande bharat express

Let’s discuss in detail the key difference between the two trains.

1- Speed

The average speed of the high-speed Vande Bharat train is 160 Km/h on the other hand the average speed of the Vande Sadharan train is only 130 Km/h. As they both serve different purposes of speed. Some people are confused about Vande Bharat Express a bullet train check the details.

2- Facility

Vande Bharat trains are a kind of premium train. Their seats are 360-degree rotational. Moreover, the interior of the trails is far better than the Vande Sadharan trains.

Vande Bharat trains are fully equipped with AC, Onboard catering, and Automatic Door services, whereas Sadharan trains do not include these facilities on the trains.

3- Ticket Range

Being a premium kind of train, Vande Bharat ticket pricing is on the higher side as compared with the Vande Sadhar train.

As most of the Vande Bharat trains have AC coaches their prices are high in range. If we compare the pricing of 400 Km below is the difference;

Train Type Vande Bharat Vande Sadhar
For 400 Km Ticket Price 900 (Ac Chair) 300 (Yet to confirm)

Furthermore, you can read how to book Vande Bharat ticket.

4- Classes

The main difference between Vande Bharat & Vande Sadhar is their coaches. Vande Bharat Express train has 14 Chair care & 2 Executive coaches in the train.

Whereas Vande Sadharan has 12 Sleepers & 8 Unreserved General coaches.

What are the 2 routes of Vande Sadharan Express?

Mumbai Central – Patna & Mumbai Central – New Delhi are the proposed 2 routes of Vande Sadharan Express by Indian Railways.

Vande Sadharan 2 Route Details;

Sr. No. Train Name Originating Station Destination Station Route Distance
1Mumbai Central – Patna Vande Sadharan ExpressMumbai CentralPatna1,691 km (1,051 mi)
1Mumbai Central – New Delhi Vande Sadharan ExpressMumbai CentralNew Delhi1,386 km (861 mi)

What are the Upcoming Route of Vande Sadharan Express?

As per the reports, there are 7 Vande Sadharan routes in India. Below is the complete details about the routes;

vande sadharan routes list.

  1. Patna – New Delhi
  2. Howrah – New Delhi
  3. Hyderabad – New Delhi
  4. Ernakulam – Guwahati
  5. Delhi – Jodhpur – Bandra Terminus
  6. Tambaram – Howrah
  7. Jammu – Chennai


Are Vande Bharat & Vande Sadharan the Same?

No, both are different, Vande Bharat is a high-speed train, whereas Vande Sadharan is a superfast train.

What is the main difference Between Vande Bharat & Vande Sadharan trains?

There is a huge difference as compared with the facilities, speed, and ticket price of no. of routes, the completed comparison is given above.

What is the other name of the Vande Sadharan Express train?

Amrit Bharat Express is the other name of the Vande Sadharan Express train in India.


Both trains serve different purposes, so there is a fundamental difference when it comes to price, speed, facility, or routes.

Vande Bharat is a premium train & quite expensive, Vande Sadharan is a superfast train meant for long-distance journeys only.

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