Know How To Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket Easily?

Travelling to your favourite destination through Vande Bharat? Want to know How to Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket easily? Today we share step-by-step details so you can easily book a ticket for the Vande Bharat Express train.

Vande Bharat Express Trains

The Vande Bharat Express trains run on 18 popular routes in India. In our last post, we discussed the List of the routes for the trains in India. So once you have finalized the routes, always check the timings of the train & book the train ticket accordingly.

how to book vande bharat train

How to Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket Online?

Booking the tickets for your journey is as simple as booking tickets for normal trains. But as the system is new, you may see some new options in the online system.

You can book the ticket online through the IRCTC website or the mobile app. How to book Vande Bharat train tickets online is now easy with the official website of IRCTC.

Another option is to book the ticket from the railway station ticket counter. Select the either way which is convenient for you.

Read all the steps shown below for booking the ticket online.

How to book Vande Bharat Express?

Follow the below process for the booking of Vande Bharat Express train for your journey, This process is straightforward & similar to the other train booking process.

Book Vande Bharat Express Train Ticket Online

Step 1- Visit the official website of IRCTC for online booking (

book vande bharat express

Step 2 – Log in or if not registered, register first.

Step 3 – Now enter your journey details, including the source station, destination station, date of travel, and class of travel.

Step 4 – On the page, select the train name & type of class & category.

Vande Bharat Booking Online

Step 5- Now enter passenger details.

Step 6- Complete the payment process as per the option available,

step 7- After payment confirmation, you will receive details about PNR, note them for further reference.

Step 8- Print the ticket or save it in PDF form.

What are the types of seats available for booking?

There are two types of seats available in the Vande Bharat Express trains.

  • AC Chair car (CC)
  • Exec. Chair Car (EC)

Important Checklist to Book Vande Bharat Ticket

Before you proceed to book a ticket online for your next journey, there are a few important points. If you want a smooth journey always pay attention to the below points.

Once you have completed the process of online booking Vande Bharat express ticket, now follow the below points. Check if Is Vande Bharat Express a bullet train?

  • Note down the Train Number in a Notepad,
  • Check the Trains arrival & departure timings carefully
  • Always check the weather at the destination
  • Plan your journey & avoid last-minute planning

How To Book Vande Bharat Train Without Food?

Wants to know how to book the Vande Bharat train without food?

Well, it’s just super easy.

During the online booking process, you can opt out of food.


How To Book Vande Bharat Train Ticket

You can book the tickets either online or through the railway station ticket counter.

What is Vande Bharat’s online booking app or website name?

IRCTC is an online booking app & the same website can be used for booking tickets online.

What are the various payment options available online?

All the payment options are available for online booking; Card Payment, Net Banking, UPI, Google Pay, Paytm & online mobile wallet as well.

How to Book Train Tickets in Vande Bharat Express?

You can book the ticket, through the online website of IRCTC.

Conclusion: So now you have complete information about How To Book a Vande Bharat Train Ticket Easily? Just book the ticket through the IRCTC website or mobile app.

Another way is to book the app from the ticket counter of the nearest railway station. Check more details about the Vande Bharta Trains in India.