All Vande Bharat Express Coach Position Explained

During the boarding of the trains, it’s essential to have Coach position information. Specially Vande Bharat Express coach position matters as it halts only for a few minutes in major stations. Today we share all Vande Bharat trains coach position details for your reference.

Vande Bharat Express Coach Position System

If you are boarding for the first time, you must understand the coach positions system of the Vande Bharat trains.

Coach Map With Engine
Vande Bharat Coach PositionDetails
Train NameVande Bharat Express
Total Coaches16 Coaches
Executive Class Coaches (EC)2
Chair Car Coaches (CC)14

The semi-high-speed train coach layout is simple & similar in most of the trains. It has 14 Chair Car (CC) coaches & 2 Executive Class (EC) coaches.

Vande Bharat Coach Position Map

The coach’s layout starts from the engine side. So the train’s first coach number printed on your ticket will be closest to the engine.

How Many Coaches Does Vande Bharat Has?

As of now, all the Vande Bharat tarins have 2 types of coaches. Vande Bharat trains are becoming popular, so people want to know about their coaches system.’

Below are the details about Vande Bharat Tarins coaches.

  • EC – Executive Chair Car
  • CC – AC chair car

I always book CC tickets for short-duration journeys. As per my experience, it’s best for 2-4 hours journey.

Seat Map Of Vande Bharat Train Coaches

As there are two types of seats on Vande Bharat trains, understanding the details about the seats is important before booking your tickets.

1- Executive Chair Car (EC)

Below is a sample map for the EC- Executive chair car seat for Vande Bharat trains. You should always keep this in mind when booking a ticket for your next journey.

The EC seats are mapped in 2*2 configuration in the trains. A maximum of 56 seats are mapped under a coach.

Fare is expensive as compared to the CC seat.

Vande Bharat EC Seat Map

2- Chair Car (CC)

These seats are part of CC coaches in trains. All the Vande Bharat trains are operated by Indian railways in India. Below is the seating map for the Chair car coaches.

Vande Bharat Chari Car Seat Map

The chair car seats are configured in 3*2 mapping.

The total seating capacity is 78 for each coach.

As per the above image, you can see the Window, Middle & Aisle seat numbers. So while booking the ticket, you may keep in mind the above.

How To Know Where My Coach at Platform?

Well, from the above it’s clear that the first coach of the trains start from the engine. So whenever you check your tickets, you should know that it starts from the engine.

Engine> C6-E1-C5-C4-C3-C2-C1

So in a typical Vande Bharat train engines are the first part of the train. After the trains start the coaches.

Chair car (CC) is the first coach just connected with the engine.

Know the Importance of Knowing Coach Position

The importance of knowing the coach position’s map is very crucial, especially for High-Speed Vande Bharat Express trains. During the stoppage at the station, these trains stop for a very short period. If you travel like me with little luggage then it’s ok to reach by coach in a short time.

But when you are travelling with luggage you must know the right position at the platform for safe & quick boarding.

So always know the coach position in advance for your journey. Check the waiting list rules of the Vande Bharat express trains.

Digital Indicators Display Coach Number in Platform

Yes, most of the new railway station in India has Digital indicators displaying coach numbers for arriving trains.

So check the digital indicators at the platform for your Vande Bharat Trains.


What is the Coach position in Vande Bharat Trains?

A typing coach position in the Vande Bharat trains is like; Engine> C6-E1-C5-C4-C3-C2-C1.

What are CC and EC in Vande Bharat Trains?

CC stands for Chair Car & EC stands for Executive Chair car, these are type of coaches in Vande Bharat Trains.

How many seats are in CC Coaches in Vande Bharat?

The total seat capacity of a CC coach is 78.

Final Words

As per our research & experience, the Vande Bharat Express Coach Position starts with the engine & followed by the last coach number of Chair car coach.

A sample of the coach position layout is given here; Engine> C6-E1-C5-C4-C3-C2-C1. The success of Vande Bharat, now Vande Sadharan trains are launched by Indian Railways.

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