Know Vande Bharat Waiting List Rules 2024

Vande Bharat express trains are a popular method of traveling which I prefer. However, during my visit to Mumbai, I was in a situation where I was confused about Vande Bharat’s Waiting list rules.

If you are in the same situation & want to know comprehensive details about the Vande Bharat train waiting list, read on.

As per the IRCTC rules you can’t board the train if the chart is prepared & your PNR is not confirmed.

However, there are situations that you must know when booking a Vande Bharat ticket online.

Vande Bharat Waiting List Rules 2024

According to the official website of Indian Railways, the rules are similar for all kind of trains for waiting list passengers. Even I have researched Quora & Reddit as well.

Vande Bharat Rules

Below are the scenarios that I came to know after my discussion with the TTE during my journey.

1- Self Booked Tickets; E-tickets, online tickets

If the tickets are booked online & showing in waiting, you should not board the train. All the PNRs that are not confirmed & showing on the waiting list after the chart is prepared are eligible for refund only.

  • All the e-tickets that are booked by passengers under WL are automatically canceled once the final chart is prepared.
  • If Partial PNR is confirmed & others show RAC or WL they can travel, however, both should adjust themselves till it’s confirmed.
  • Consult the respective TTE before boarding, if he permits then only board.

2- Paper Ticket (Booked at Counter)

In the scenario where the passenger has a paper ticket booked via the ticket counter or received via post is not allowed to travel in reserved coaches.

However, they can follow the below process if they want to travel;

  • They can travel in a General Coach or Unreserved coaches.
  • Consulate the TTE & if he permits, you may travel with permission only.
  • Passengers may travel on SL coaches if adjusted by their fellow passengers.
  • Passengers with WL paper tickets in urgency may travel in SL or General Unreserved coaches.

Can I Travel to Vande Bharat With Waiting Ticket?

Know Vande Bharat Waiting List Rules 2024

Well, as explained above, passengers may travel in Vande Bharat trains with waiting tickets. However, it depends upon various factors & scenarios.

All the passengers with paper tickets may travel after consultation with the TTE.

It’s recommended that you should always consult the conductor or TTE before boarding with WL tickets. Explore the Vande Bharat cancellation charges details, if you wish to cancel your tickets.

Vande Bharat Waiting List Confirmation Chances

Vande Bharat Waiting List Confirmation

The chances of WL to CNF on Vande Bharat express trains depend upon various factors. Due to high occupancy & fill rate, the chances are low if it’s nearing the departure time.

If you have booked the train tickets 2-3 days before departure & if the wait is over 50 then the chances are low.

During Holidays & festival season the changes of waiting list to confirmation are low.

I am a frequent traveler & as per my observation, the probability of confirmation during non-holiday is higher.

Know Vande Bharat Waiting List Cancellation Charges

On 15th November 2023, I booked a ticket from New Delhi to Lucknow, but it was in Waiting (WL).

After the cancellation, IRCTC deducted Rs.60 + GST & refunded the amount in my account.


Can passengers travel with a waiting ticket in Vande Bharat?

Passengers can board & travel post discussion with the TTE only.

Can People with Paper tickets booked at the ticket counter board with WL tickets?

Yes, passengers owning a Paper ticket may board & share the same with TTE.

What are the Cancellation Charges for the Vande Bharat WL Ticket?

The charges are Rs.60 + GST.

What are Vande Bharat cancellation charges for waiting list ticket?

No cancellation charges for Waiting list tickets of Vande Bharat trains.

Final Summary

Now you have complete information about, Vande Bharat waiting list rules 2024. Passengers with Paper tickets may travel post consultation with TTE. A person with an i-ticket & e-ticket shall not board the Vande Bharat train.

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