Know Vande Bharat Cancellation Charges Details

Recently I had to cancel my Vande Bharat train ticket. But I am not aware of the Vande Bharat Cancellation Charges, If you are in the same situation know it before canceling. Today we share comprehensive details, read all the terms & conditions carefully.

Vande Bharat Cancellation Charges Details

Due to various circumstances, you may want to cancel the tickets for Vande Bharat Express. Check the ticket cancellation charges before proceeding.

There are two types of tickets Confirmed & Waiting list tickets. So the charges for cancelling a ticket are given below for your reference.

Details Of Vande Bharat Ticket Fare Cancellation

1- Cancellation Fees for Confirmed Tickets

Confirmed tickets are the final booked tickets. A minimum charge of Rs.240 flat is charged if you cancel the ticket before 48 hours of train departure.

Time-wise cancellation fees are given below.

Cancellation Fees more than 48 hours of departure timeRs.240 Flat
Cancellation Fees between 48 hours to 12 hours of departure time25% of Ticket + GST additional
Cancellation Fees between 12 hours to 4 hours of departure time50% of Ticket + GST additional
Less than 4 hours before train departure No reimbursement of Fare if not cancelled or TDR done online
cancellation charges vande Bharat

2- Cancellation Fees for Waiting List Vande Bharat Tickets

Waiting list tickets are those that are yet not confirmed. You can always cancel those tickets as well & moreover, you can check the Vande Bharat trains waiting list rules.

If you can cancel the waitlist ticket between 48 hours to 12 hours of the train departure then Rs.20 + GST per person is applicable.

Ticket Cancellation charges for Vande Bharat Waitlist.

  • More than 48 hours before train departure- Not applicable,
  • Between 48 hours to 12 hours before train departure- Rs20 Per person+ GST,
  • Between 12 hours to 4 hours before train departure- Not applicable
  • Less than 4 hours before train departure – Automatically cancel & full refund via the system,

Vande Bharat Train Ticket Cancellation Charges by IRCTC

As per the IRCTC, the Indian Railways train ticket cancellation charges for Vande Bharat trains are the details.

During the cancellation, you must keep charges & timing before departure of trains.

As you may be aware of the Vande Bharat coaches there are two types of tickets, so check the fees.

Vande Bharat Train Ticket Cancel Charges
  • Rs.240 + GST for Executive Chair Car (EC)
  • Rs.180 + GST for Ac Chari Car (CC)

The fare cancellation fee is flat for any type of train or booking. These charges are applicable for all Vande Bharat trains running in India.

Ticket Cancellation Policy of Vande Bharat and T&C

Before processing your cancellation have a look for the T&C and policy. These terms & conditions are given below, read each point carefully to ease refund & timely refund.

  • All cancellations may done through online portals or booking apps.
  • Cancellations are not allowed at face-to-face Railway Counters for E-tickets.
  • Cancellation charges vary by class: Rs. 240 for AC First Class, Rs. 200 for AC 2 Tier, Rs. 180 for AC 3 Tier, etc.
  • For Normal User:- E-ticket cannot be canceled once the chart is prepared.

Where can I Cancel My Vance Bharat Ticket?

You can cancel your ticket online easily. There are various apps, online portals & UTS apps for train booking & Cancellation.

I prefer to cancel tickets from the source of booking.

If you are new to ticket booking for Vande Bharat, you may check the below various options to book & cancel the tickets.

Choose any of the options at your convenience & ease.

Is it possible to cancel the Vande Bharat train ticket?

Yes, you can cancel the tickets, but you should remember the trains’ departure time.

For complete details of the ticket cancellation, you can check the applicable charges as per the table described above.

What are the cancellation charges for the Vande Bharat Confirm ticket?

Rs.240 flat for cancellation done more than 48 hours after train departure. 25% of ticket price + GST if cancellation between 12-48 hours before train departure & 50% of ticket price + GST between 4 to 12 hours before train departure.

Final Thoughts

Cancellation is a vital process, you should always keep in mind all cancellation charges for Vande Bhart train tickets.


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