Latest Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price List

Vande Bharat Express Ticker Price; Planning a visit & want to know what is the latest Vande Bharat Tiket Price for your journey? Well, it’s not easy to find the ticket price of all trains in one place. But relax today we share the Ticket Price of all Vande Bharat Express trains for your reference.

How to Find Vande Bharat Express Ticker Price Quickly?

Finding a fair price for your journey is always good & knowing the details helps plan your journey. Be it an official trip or a personal trip Indian railways are the best option for a long journey.

Train No.Train NameFromToPrice CCPrice ECJourney Time
12461VANDE BHARAT EXPJodhpurMahesana103019506 hrs 10 mins
12462JU VANDE BHARATAhmedabadJodhpur128023256 hrs 10 mins
20171VANDE BHARAT EXPBhopalDelhi137531857 hrs 30 mins
20173VANDE BHARAT EXPBhopalJabalpur105518804 hrs 35 mins
20174VANDE BHARAT EXPJabalpurBHOPAL95517904 hrs 35 mins
20608MAS VANDEBHARATMysoreChennai108024856 hrs 15 mins
20633TVC VANDEBHARATKasaragodTrivandrum152028158 hrs 5 mins
20634KGQ VANDEBHARATTrivandrumKasaragod159028808 hrs
20661DWR VANDE BHARATBangaloreDharwar118522656 hrs 25 mins
20662SBC VANDE BHARATDharwarBangalore135024606 hrs 30 mins
20701TPTY VANDEBHARATHyderabadTirupati168030808 hrs 15 mins
20702SC VANDE BHARATTirupatiHyderabad162530308 hrs 15 mins
20825VANDE BHARAT EXPBilaspurNagpur107520455 hrs 30 mins
20833VANDE BHARAT EXPVisakhapatnamHyderabad172031708 hrs 30 mins
20834VANDE BHARAT EXHyderabadVisakhapatnam166531208 hrs 30 mins
20902VANDE BHARAT EXPGandhinagarMumbai142026306 hrs 20 mins
20912VANDE BHARAT EXPBhopalIndore91016003 hrs 6 mins
20977DEC VANDEBHARATAjmerGurgaon107520455 hrs 15 mins
22228VANDE BHARAT EXPGuwahatiCooch Behar103018155 hrs 30 mins
22230CSMT VANDEBHARATgoaMumbai1745353510 hrs 5 mins
22301VANDE BHARAT EXPHowrahJalpaiguri156528257 hrs 30 mins
22302VANDE BHARAT EXPJalpaiguriHowrah149527607 hrs 30 mins
22349VANDE BHARAT EXPPatnaRanchi102519306 hrs
22350VANDE BHARAT EXPRanchiPatna117521105 hrs 50 mins
22435VANDE BHARAT EXVaranasiPrayagraj55510608 hrs
22440SVDK VANDEBHARATKatraDelhi161030558 hrs
22448AADR VANDEBHARATAmb  Andaura89515705 hrs 25 mins
22549VANDE BHARAT EXPGorakhpurLucknow89016704 hrs 15 mins
22550VANDE BHARAT EXPLucknowGorakhpur100517754 hrs 10 mins
22895VANDE BHARAT EXPHowrahPuri126524206 hrs 25 mins
22896VANDE BHARAT EXPPuriHowrah143026156 hrs 40 mins
Vande bharat tentative pricing chart

Recently Indian Railways has introduced fast speed Vande Bharat Express train over 75 routes. You may find the details in our last post. These routes cover almost all the high-traffic railway routes in India.

Let’s discuss how you can find the Vande Bharat train ticket price quickly.

Book Vande Bharat Ticket Online

To know the fare price, you should use the online ticket booking system for the Vande Bharat train. Complete details about how to book Vande Bhart ticket online are given in our last post.

To check the price follow the below process;

  1. Open the official website of IRCTC,
  2. On the page Enter “From” & “To” Station Name
  3. Select Journey Date, Class & other details
  4. Now click “Search”
  5. On the next page, you see details of trains
  6. On the Train Name “Vande Bharat Ex” is mentioned
  7. Now click the seat Type to check the fare details
  8. The ticket price is displayed on the screen
Vande Bharat Train Ticket Price

As per the above screenshot, we have checked the New Delhi to Varanasi Junction ticket price. The rate of the ticket from New Delhi to Varanasi is Rs.3335 for the AC Chair Car (CC).

How to check the ticket price of a specific Train?

To check the price of a specific train, you must have the train no. information. Once you have the train number information & can easily check the ticket price of the Vande Bharat train.

Follow the above-suggested process & know the Vande Bharat Express Train fare easily.

All Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price List

So if you are not sure about the train name & journey dates, just want to check the ticket price? Well, we have done all the work for you, below is the list of tentative ticket prices for the Vande Bharat Express train in all the running routes.

More than 75 train routes are running as of now. The prices for the ticket are dynamics, we have shared the rate of the fare as of today only.

For the updated price check the official website.

Vande Bharat Train Price List- New Delhi

If you are looking for trains departing from New Delhi, below is the list.

Vande Bharat Train Price From Delhi

It has the fare price from the originating station to the last destination station—train departure to Jhansi, Ajmer, Katra, Una & Prayagraj.

Indian Railways Ticket Price Vande Bharat From Mumbai

Below is the fare price of the Vande Bharat trains originating from Mumbai to other locations. These prices are given for Chair Car & Executive Car for your reference.

Vande Bharat Ticket Rate Mumbai

All Vande Bharat Express Trains Ticket Price List 2023

Planning your journey? check the price of the ticket from the all-running high-speed Vande Bharat Train as of today 2023.

Kindly note the fare prices are dynamic & depend upon various factors. You are requested to check the final price before booking any ticket online.

Vande Bharat Train Ticket Price Chair Car Ticket Price Executive Car Ticket Price
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Ahmedabad to Jodhpur12802325
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Ajmer to Gurgaon10752045
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Amb  Andaura to Ambala1570
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Bangalore to Dharwar11852265
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Bhopal to Indore9101600
Vande Bharat Ticket Price BHOPAL to Delhi13753185
Vande Bharat Ticket Price BHOPAL to Jabalpur10551880
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Bilaspur to Nagpur10752045
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Chennai to Mysore12002295
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Delhi to Haridwar6851705
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Delhi to Ajmer12502270
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Delhi to Katra16553035
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Delhi to Prayagraj14202760
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Delhi to Una Himachal10602010
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Delhi to Virangana Lakshmibai Jhans1960
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Dharwar to Bangalore13502460
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Gandhinagar to Mumbai14202630
Vande Bharat Ticket Price goa to Mumbai17453535
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Gorakhpur to Lucknow8901670
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Guwahati to Cooch Behar10301815
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Howrah to Puri12652420
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Howrah to Jalpaiguri15652825
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Hyderabad to Tirupati16803080
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam16653120
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Jabalpur to BHOPAL9551790
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Jalpaiguri to Howrah14952760
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Jodhpur to Mahesana10301950
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Kasaragod to Trivandrum15202815
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Katra to Delhi16103055
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Lucknow to Gorakhpur10051775
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Mumbai to Pune6601270
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Mumbai to goa15953360
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Mumbai to Gandhinagar12552435
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Mysore to Chennai10802485
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Patna to Ranchi10251930
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Puri to Howrah14302615
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Ranchi to Patna11752110
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Tirupati to Hyderabad16253030
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Trivandrum to Kasaragod15902880
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Varanasi to Prayagraj5551060
Vande Bharat Ticket Price Visakhapatnam to Hyderabad17203170

Updated Fare price of the Vande Bharat Train in India

What are the latest face prices of the high-speed train in India? To check the updated & latest price scroll down. These prices are shared for your reference only.

Chennai to Mysore Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price Details

The Chennai-Mysore-20607 Vande Bharat Express train is one of the finest ways to travel between Chennai & Mysore. Below are the latest price details as of today.

We have checked the price from the official website of IRCTC & the price for AC Chair Car (CC) is Rs.1265 & Rs.2400 for Exec. Chari Car (EC).

Below is the screenshot of the price for your reference.

chennai mysore vande bharat ticket price


How to check the latest fare price of the Vande Bharat train?

To check the latest fare price, follow the above-suggested method.

What is the average cost of a Vande Bharat train for 1 passenger?

The average cost for 1 1-passenger ticket is Rs.995 on a Chair Car.

What types of tickets are available on Vande Bharat trains?

Two types of tickets; Chair car and executive car are available in the Vande Bharat trains.

What is the Vande Bharat Train price from Delhi to Katra?

The Vande Bharat ticket price from New Delhi to Katra is Rs.1655 AC chair car & Rs. 3035 for an Executive chair car.


Finding Vande Bharat Express Ticket Price is now easy as we have shared all the information regarding the same. You can just check the price in the table given above.

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